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Interested in partnering with us? Our company continues to evolve and expand in terms of our operations, our product lines and our personnel. We will work our utmost with you to supply your needs. We are committed to treating arthritis one implant at a time. Please fill out the form with a short description of what you are looking for.

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Why BioCore?

Titanium Nitride Coating

Our proprietary Titanium Nitride coating has been shown to enhance the wear rate of implants due to friction. This means lower revision rate so your surgeon can rest easy knowing that there is less of a chance revision will be needed due to debris or failure of the implant.

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Less Invasive

With the bone-preserving stems allowing for hemiarthroplasty, the time in the OR is reduced. The invasiveness to the patient's bone is reduced. The blood loss during surgery is reduced. Keep peace of mind for your surgeons and their prospective patients.

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