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We Are Biocore

Meet Our Team

George Makris


Stan Matlak

VP of Operations

Samuel Benevenia

Engineering PM

BIOCORE9 is a medical manufacturing company founded by principal engineers of current orthopedic prostheses leading the market today. Biocore9 is committed to manufacturing quality orthopedic systems for the worldwide market. Biocore9 aims to ensure all its patients will live with lifelong mobility and functionality of their skeletal anatomy.

How We Started

BIOCORE9 formed in 2017 to design and market high demand devices and surgical products for the Orthopedic Industry. The principals of Biocore9 have been active in orthopedics since the late 1980s. Their work focused on the development of high performance, all Titanium alloy-based implant systems that included pioneering work in the use of ceramic, thin-film implant coatings. Biocore9 Tin-Coat technology utilizes the latest improvements in thin film ceramic coatings technology, lean-manufacturing methods and the application of time proven design concepts and manufacturing principles.

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